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The RoboBattle story
The year is 3254 and it is war.

Very efficient solar energy plants were constructed decades ago. These plants are monolithic devices in stationary orbit. The energy they collect are beamed down to controls points called solaroids. Each Solaroid pushes its power to an underground metropolis, or Metro. In these massive cities humans live; no living organism can survive on the barren surface of the planet. Life continues, but all is not well. Each metro needs a constant influx of energy or its population will be wiped out in weeks.

The General is an elected official; much more important than the president. It is his role to control a robot army to protect the solaroids of the metro. And if the opportunity presents itself, he does not hesitate to command a Robot to reroute energy from any solaroid he finds to his metro.

In RoboBattle you are the general and the robots are yours to command.

There can never be enough energy!
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NOTE: This project is in its early stages of development. The code in the repository has no functionality.

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